The Begining ▾

The design process begins with a conversation. Each client is unique, and each house or site presents its own style and challenges. As we talk, we identify how you live in and use your space. This process is crucial to the ultimate realization of the garden. From our initial discussion, we establish a program. The program will inform us throughout the design stages as we work together to translate your project’s individual challenges into a beautiful, timeless landscape.

The Master Plan ▾

Once we have established a program, and after a careful review of the site and its potential, your expectations are translated into the conceptual design. A masterplan, presented along with sketches and photographs communicates our vision of the landscape. Thoughts and words are given form, and then we have another conversation.

Growth ▾

Growth of the idea: Design Development & Construction Documents
The design development and construction documentation phases also involve your input. Refinements to the initial masterplan are made, and construction plans and details are drawn. These documents contain the information necessary to build and install your project.

The Garden ▾

The garden takes form: Construction Observation
During the construction process, attention to detail guarantees that the conceptual design finds accurate and elegant realization. A design reaches its full potential only through meticulous construction. Joseph Marek Landscape Architecture has extensive experience working with the finest masons and landscape contractors. Careful observation ensures that all projects meet the highest standard of implementation and will last for years.